Shipping Delay & Shop Re-opening

When you shop with Foundroot, you are shopping with a tiny company run by two people: husband and wife, Nick and Leah. We do not have any employees and operate out of our yurt home and a small office space. We pride ourselves on being professional, reliable, and a business you can trust. This year we are facing some challenges.

-We received nearly 40% of our entire 2020 season sales in the first 5 days of pre-order. This is an overwhelming volume for us, so we shut down our pre-orders to be able to maintain reasonable shipping times.

-The seed industry is facing the same skyrocketing demand as it did last year. We have the vast majority of our catalog in hand but a few of our suppliers delayed our shipments without warning. This will create some backorders and delays on already ordered items.

-If you follow us on social media, you know that we have been expecting our first child. Our daughter Ayla decided to join us six weeks early which caused Leah to have to be medivaced out of Haines to Providence Hospital in Anchorage on January 19th and resulted in an emergency C-section. We are all recovering well and are with family but had to leave on a moment’s notice. We are still transferring all our business supplies from Haines to Anchorage and have lost nearly two critical weeks of seed packing.

Our business supplies are arriving in Anchorage and we are working hard to catch up and get seed season finally rolling. We value your food and your family as much as ours and know that you need your seeds. Due to these unforeseen circumstances, we anticipate shipping for pre-orders to begin on February 15th , two weeks behind schedule. If this does not work with your garden plan, please, allow us to change or refund your order. We will do so very happily. If you have not ordered yet, the shop will open up for new orders on February 10th for the season. Thank you for your understanding.

-Nick, Leah, & Ayla

Leah & Ayla