Alaskan Sourdough Starter

Alaskan Sourdough Starter

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Frontiersman Sourdough was started in Anchorage to share Alaska’s rich history of sourdough with the world by making the craft easily accessible to everyone. They donate a portion of their proceeds every year towards conserving Alaska’s wild natural environment. 

Frontiersman Sourdough makes wild sourdough starter cultivated in Alaska that is shelf stable, made with 100% organic ingredients, and packaged in biodegradable pouches. The stable nature of their wild yeast allows you to activate your starter and begin working with sourdough at your convenience; next week or years from now.

When you activate your Frontiersman Sourdough Starter, you are waking up the same yeasts that they use every day, ensuring that you begin with an active, healthy, and effective starter and taking the guesswork out of your sourdough journey. 

2oz bag

Made in Anchorage, Alaska


Sourdough in Alaska: The early ‘frontiersmen’ that came to Alaska maintained a sourdough starter to leaven their bread without access to other yeast. Frontiersmen in Alaska would commonly wear a pouch of starter around their neck while they sleep to keep it from freezing in the cold Alaskan winter nights. Today, old, grizzled Alaskans are known as “Sourdoughs” in homage to the prospectors, miners, and trappers that explored Alaska.

For more info on activating your starter visit Frontiersman Sourdough