Donation Requests

Foundroot donates seeds every year to local organizations helping feed their community, to community events by providing prizes and auction items, and to keep school and community gardens growing.

We primarily support projects that align with our mission and core values to create more food secure and sovereign northern communities. To be considered for a seed donation, the soliciting group must be located in Alaska and related to food security, education, or community organizing.

Please allow for a minimum of two weeks for your request to be processed. Due to the large number of requests we receive every year, we are unable to respond to every one and will not respond to out of state requests. 

All donation requests should include your mission, your timeline, and quantity requested. The more specific you are, the more likely your request is to be filled. Requests can be sent to info @ foundroot.com.

Please note: We only donate to Alaskan organizations because there is a great need here that we still can't fill due to our small company with limited inventory. If you are not in Alaska, we encourage you to look up your regional seed company and contact them directly.