New to Foundroot

Foundroot is a small farm and seed company run by husband and wife team, Nick Schlosstein and Leah Wagner in Haines, Alaska. Our goal is to empower more people to grow their own food, no matter the scale and create systems of self-reliance and food sovereignty for northern communities. 

Nick and Leah Hoop House

We have operated as a seasonal online seed retailer for 9 years, sending seeds to over 70 different Alaskan communities and throughout the Lower 48. Foundroot only sells open-pollinated seeds that have been proven for Alaskan growing conditions. To understand more about why open-pollinated seeds are so important to our food security, check out The Politics of Seeds

We source the majority of our seeds directly from other farms and ethical companies in the USA that align with our core values. We have always been transparent about which seeds were grown by us and which ones have been sourced elsewhere. We are rigorous in the testing of our seeds and guarantee high germination standards. It is really important to us that our customers know they can rely on us to help feed themselves and their families. 

Farm Rows

In 2018, we got our farm operational and were able to start growing seeds on a commercial scale. This is a slow and challenging process in our climate.  We are focused on breeding out the more rare and difficult to grow vegetables for our region such as early ripening tomatoes, mold resistant beans, and slow bolting spinach.

In addition to growing seeds, we are also filling a dire need for more fresh food in our community. We run a small market garden in the summer months that we retail locally in Haines and partner with like minded businesses in Haines and Juneau to sell our vegetables, flowers, fruit, and herbs. 

Nick at market

When you shop locally with us, you are supporting these breeding efforts and the future of localized food systems and regional seed banking. The support we have had since the beginning of Foundroot is what allowed us to start our farm, feed our community, and get good quality reliable seeds to remote areas of our state.

We are just getting started and are so very grateful for your support.