Lemon Balm: Common

Lemon Balm: Common

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Melissa officinalis 
150 seeds
Maturity: 70 days to flower
Potential Perennial

Grown by Friends of the Trees in Chimacum, Washington. Uncertified Organic, certification in progress. 

Lemon Balm is a strong and beautiful aromatic herb with a lemon citrus scent with herbaceous undertones. Tall 3-4' square stems are covered in serrated heart-shaped fuzzy, soft, green leaves and will form a bushy habit if perennialized.  Valued as a culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal herb, tea made from the leaves is truly delightful. 

Lemon balm was traditionally used to uplift the spirits and is often used to promote a sense of calm. Use it in baths to unwind or have fresh or dried leaves in tea to sooth upset stomachs. Often used to in jams and jellies, as an addition to salad, as a flavoring for fish and poultry dishes, or to top drinks. If left to bloom, expect to attract loads of happy pollinators and honeybees at the end of the season. Fragrant and beautiful filler for fresh bouquets.

Will perennialize down to Zone 4 and has come back consistently in our wet Southeast garden for four seasons.