Linen Dishcloth - Heavy Weight

Linen Dishcloth - Heavy Weight

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These dishcloths are handmade in Lithuania by Linen Tales, a family-owned company keeping the important cultural and agricultural tradition of natural linen alive. 

Here at Foundroot, we are on a campaign against the white dishcloth. We use our dishcloths constantly and they don't have the luxury of being purely decorative. They dry our dishes, wipe our hands, cover our sourdough, pull pie out of the oven, and dare we say it, are what we throw our roasts on when we can't find a hot pad. Linen stands up to our scratch cooking lifestyle and these are our hardworking dishcloths of choice. 

Note: This Vintage Mustard Stripe has a thicker weave than the others and slightly different dimensions, better for cleaning up spills. 

- 100% European linen (215 g/m2)
- Easy care: suitable for gentle machine washing

Dimensions: 16" x 26"- Prewashed and preshrunk 


In ancient Lithuania, countryside and agricultural work were in a harmonious relationship. Flax cultivation, which requires five times more effort than most grains, was one of the main areas of work. Growing flax was a communal process in which the work had to be shared by everyone. However, Lithuanians highly valued flax due to it being strong both as material and medicine; as a result myths, games, fairy tales, and songs were made based on the cycles of flax cultivation and processing.

The beginning and end of the work as well as the most important events of flax cultivation were also marked with big celebrations. It was common to pass linen clothing and home linen pieces from generation to generation as heirloom. In Lithuania it is difficult to imagine any kind of important celebration without linen – let it be matchmaking, marriage, baptism, or other family celebrations. Lithuanians decorated their houses with linen, and it was the most popular choice of gift for important occasions. 

SUSTAINABILITY. Known as the world’s strongest natural fiber, linen is highly resistant to abrasion and less prone to wearing and tearing. So you can enjoy your favorite linen pieces for many years without the need to replace them after a couple of washes.

BREATHABILITY. Because of hollow fibers and loose weaves, air can easily flow through the fabric, meaning linen easily wicks moisture and keeps the body comfortable even in hot temperatures.

HYPOALLERGENIC PROPERTIES. Gifted with antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties, linen creates a great microclimate and is friendly to those with sensitive, allergy-prone skin or breathing allergies.

GOOD FOR ALL SEASONS. Loved as a summer fabric, linen not only cools but also insulates depending on the temperature, providing comfort all year round.