The Eleventh Hour: A Late Start Collection

The Eleventh Hour: A Late Start Collection

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Do you want to have a beautiful garden but started a little late this year? Maybe you are cutting new ground, moving, or just don't want your home invaded with plants all winter. The Eleventh Hour is for those of us who want a colorful, gourmet heirloom garden but are starting as late as May in the north... maybe even a little later. These plants are right on time.

This mix includes some of our favorite heirlooms and mixes with bright colors, loads of flavor, and are very friendly to a short northern gardening season. 

Not a beginner collection. The Eleventh Hour is mostly direct seeded but some varieties may need to be started indoors to reach full maturity. Zucchini may require protection depending on your location.


  • Beet: Borealis Blend
  • Carrot: Rainbow Mix
  • Bachelors Button: Blue Boy
  • Greens Mix: European Mesclun
  • Lettuce: Freckles Romaine
  • Pea: Dwarf Grey Sugar
  • Radish: French Breakfast
  • Zucchini: Ronde de Nice
  • Fennel: Perfection
  • Pak Choi: Shanghai