Tomato: Whippersnapper

Tomato: Whippersnapper

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Solanum lycopersicum
25 seeds

Maturity: 60 days from transplant

Grown by Foundroot in Haines, Alaska using regenerative agriculture practices. 

Although small and spry, Whippersnapper will astound northern gardeners with its productivity. Enjoy a bounty of small pink to red 1" oval tomatoes, slightly tart and very tasty.  Tumbling determinate 2-3' plants are difficult to stake due to their horizontal branches and quirky growth pattern. Expect Whippersnapper to be one of your first plants to produce and laden with fruit for the bulk of the season. Does well in containers and hanging baskets.

Tomatoes are a challenging crop in the north and require warmth and extra care to reach maturity.


Oh Whippersnapper, you are our prized plant.  The first time we saw one of the seeds we relied on disappear from seed catalogs, it was Whippersnapper. It became our top priority for seed production once our hoop house was up.  This plant is super quirky with  tumbling sprawling branches that are impossible to stake but we've never seen an early northern tomato covered in so much fruit...which also makes it impossible to stake. Give her lots of space or grow to maintain good air flow and prevent mold. Does well in containers and hanging baskets. Save your seeds and keep this little Whippersnapper around for posterity to enjoy. Although early, Whippersnapper still requires warmth to produce a bountiful crop.