All That the Rain Promises and More

All That the Rain Promises and More

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288 pages
Dimensions: 4.06  x 7.02 inches

Yes, this crazy man with a trombone is still hands down the best field resource for mushroom hunting we have found. This nice, small pocket guide takes you through best practices and the most commonly identified mushrooms in the North American west with plenty of quirky anecdotes, storytelling, recipes, and other useful tools woven throughout. The information is clear, accessible, well written, and has photos to assist you on your hunt. After over a decade of mushroom hunting experience, this guide still comes out with us on every hunt. 

Note: Mushroom hunting is a dangerous hobby. Please learn from an experienced guide before collecting edible mushrooms on your own. This book is a wonderful resource but it is not a replacement from a well-seasoned fungi enthusiast. 


“[All That the Rain Promises and More] is certainly the best guide to fungi, and may in fact be a long lasting masterpiece in guide writing for all subjects.”—Roger McKnight, The New York Times

Mushrooms appeal to all kinds of people—and so will this handy pocket guide, which includes key information for more than 200 Western mushrooms

Over 200 edible and poisonous mushrooms are depicted with simple checklists of their identifying features, as David Arora celebrates the fun in fungi with the same engaging bend of wit and wisdom, fact and fancy, that has made his comprehensive guide, Mushrooms Demystified, the mushroom hunter’s bible.

“The best guide for the beginner. I’d buy it no matter where I lived in North America.”—Whole Earth Catalog