Foundroot speaks at conferences, events, meetings, school groups, and puts on workshops throughout Alaska each winter.

Due to our farming schedule and small staff, we rarely do presentations from May-October and only accept a limited number of requests annually. We do not presently charge for speaking but will accept honorariums for our time if that is part of your regular program and ask that all transportation and lodging be covered if we are traveling to your town to do a presentation. We are computer savvy and are happy to give talks virtually. 

Foundroot is taking very few speaking engagements in Winter-Spring 2023 as we pivot our operations. We will be prioritizing Alaska Native, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ communities for any volunteer work we do. 

We have a wide range of topics that we love to speak on but here are a few of our favorites:

Seed Saving 101 - This is our most popular topic that gets into the nitty gritty of Foundroot and what we're all about. Get an overview of the politics of seeds, growing from seed, sourcing, northern variety selection, and best practices for beginner seed saving. 

Northern Gardening - Gardening in Alaska can be challenging even for seasoned gardeners. We will cover what plants thrive in northern gardens, season extension, and utilizing local resources to create a sustainable and productive space. Learn best practices to keep your northern garden thriving.

Garden Like A Farmer- After years of expanding our garden and starting a farm, we have a clear formula on how to increase efficiency and yields without breaking your back. Set up simple systems and clear goals on how to get the most from the space you have and from the work you put in.