The Fisherman: A Container Garden Collection

The Fisherman: A Container Garden Collection

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Want to be a gardener but don't have a garden? This is our mix for a container garden inspired by our fisherman friends' boat gardens. Dwarf varieties, potted herbs, and planter boxes with mow and sow greens will allow you to enjoy fresh veggies no matter how space challenged you may be. We have selected our best plants for deckside planting and  compliments to the day's fresh catch. Whether you're out dropping nets in Sitka Sound or in an apartment in Spenard, this collection will keep your table full of delicious bounty all summer long.

Not a beginner mix. Requires starting plants indoors and protecting heat-loving plants like peppers and tomatoes from the elements. Peppers and tomatoes are best started before April 15th in northern gardens.


  • Bean: Provider
  • Greens Mix: Salad
  • Arugula: Sylvetta
  • Kale: Blue Scotch Curled
  • Thyme: Common
  • Marjoram: Sweet
  • Nasturtium: Jewel Mix
  • Onion: Nebuka
  • Pepper: King of the North
  • Tomato: Whippersnapper